Free Rehearsal Space including Gear with a catch

25 Jun 2018 / 886 views / 3 watchers Ding Dong Lounge - Auckland Service

Looking for a space to rehearse with most backline included with mics, a full PA and sound person?

We're looking for a band to help us run a jam night in the upstairs performance space at Ding Dong Lounge on a Wednesday night. The deal is that you can rehearse for the first hour or so before we open up the stage and invite other musicians either to join in, kick you off the stage or you keep playing.

It's not going to be a big night for us and we're keen for it to be super relaxed.

If this is something you could be interested, let's talk. Email

Backline provided:

Guitar & Bass speakers
1 x Marshall MX412A 240-watt 4x12 Angled Extension cabinet 16-ohm mono
1 x Marshall 8412 140-watt Lead 4x12 Straight cabinet 8-ohm mono
1 x Bugera BN410TS 2800-watt 4 x 10 bass speaker cabinet 8 ohms

Please bring own amp heads & leads.


1970s Premier Gig Maker kit
1 x Bass Drum 22 x 14
1 x Rack tom 13 x 9
1 x Rack tom 14 x 10
1 x Floor tom 16 x 16

Please bring own Snare, Stands, Cymbals, Kick pedal, drum throne & sticks

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