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42 year old singer wants to front covers band Auckland

06 Jun 2018 / 92 views / 0 watchers DarrylBrown - Auckland Musician

Hi there.
Im 42 and wanting to front a modern rock/pop band to do gigging every weekend. Ive been in and out of bands before. Apart from one band ive just floated around and not really found my fit haha. Im a good singer and would like to sing 90's onwards pop and rock. I dont have all the flash gear apart from some shitty mics and leads. i also dont have very much technical knowhow when it comes to band set up. Im dam clueless. Am i selling myself yet lol. I like a lot of todays stuff on the radio and thats what i want to sing. I guess you could say the same stuff more fm plays. And the rock. I think im worth it and will put in 100% effort to make a great band work. I thrive off big crowds, but i guess you can decide. I dont have a flash demo to send you. Maybe some crappy facebook footage.
Im based on the Hisbiscus Coast.

So if you want to take a chance on me Send me a message or ring 0212346311
Cheers muso's. :-)


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