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Auckland Based Drummer Available

20 May 2018 / 164 views / 0 watchers Nick.A - Auckland Musician

Drummer available in Auckland - looking for some talented musicians to jam / play with (or better yet an established band to join). Have own gear and transport.

Early 30’s with 15 years of playing behind me. Have been out of the scene for a bit (last band broke up late 2016) but am keen to get behind a kit again.

Influences are varied (grew up learning Tool, The Mars Volta, Deftones, SOAD etc...). Love key to play and write creatively but I’m not really into the metal scene nowadays, so I’m just keen to see what’s out there. Listen to everything from Alt Rock to Hip Hop to 80’s Pop these days (hah!) so I’m open to see who’s after a drummer.

Give me a buzz on nick.c.annear@gmail.com

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