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Stoner doom band in Wellingon

20 May 2018 / 156 views / 0 watchers Malichai - Wellington Musician

I'm trying to pull together a heavy, bluesy, fuzzy, doom band.

I'm guitarist and main song writer for Ultranauts - we're kind of heading in a stoner direction, but not heavy enough for me... For what its worth, check out our album for some idea of my riffs:


Meanwhile, here are some demos of the kind of stuff I want to do:


I'm thinking something along the lines of Monolord, Beastwars, Conan, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Slomatics, Windhand, Acid King...

The ideal would be someone who can sing and play bass, but vocals are the main thing. Don't have to be a great singer - an interesting sonic vibe is what I'm looking for.