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$1,899.00 08 May 2018 / 85 views / 1 watchers Jimjam - Auckland Musician

Hi there peep's, I'm selling my JVM 50w valvestate head and quad together. The JVM head, It's around 2 or three years old and hardly been used. These heads retail for about $2,300.00 alone
And quads around $900.00.
The quad I've had for a wee while still in really good nick.
The clean sound on this JVM is like nothing I've heard before from Marshall. the overdrive and boost selections are so versatile, and sounds like a valve amp should.
I consider these amongst the best. I have not used this for a while and it seems a waste sitting there doing nothing..... so it must go.
You can read everything you need to know on the web.
When your keen purchase Feel free to call me, (Jamie on either 021420799 or call Chris on 021993172. Leave your contact dets, and I'll get back to you.)
Cheers J

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