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Keyboardist to start acoustic Worship group

07 May 2018 / 90 views / 0 watchers mikeymike - Auckland Musician

I am a 42yr guitar player / singer, I haven't played in a long time, I am looking for other musicians who want to get together occasionally and play Worship covers, and maybe perform live at a family picnic, in a park or at the markets etc.

Doesn't matter what your age is or experience. Ideally looking for a duo to start and eventually up to 2 or 3 other people, keyboards/piano, percussionist, bass or other guitarist, and would be good if you can sing too.

A few songs to get an idea of my influences are listed below...

House fires - Joy
House fires - Sails
house fires - you are my peace
United pursuit - Your love changes everything
United pursuit - met by love
United pursuit - seasons change
jesus culture - your love never fails
jesus culture - sound of adoration
Chris Tomlin - good good father
Chris Tomlin - Home
Hillsong - wake within me
Hillsong - when the fight calls

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