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Bass player looking for band or others to form band

27 Apr 2018 / 222 views / 2 watchers kiwijetpilot - Kapiti Coast Musician

Hi, I am an older bass player (50's) looking to get together with other geriatrics, or even open-minded young people ;) My last few bands have all been 20-somethings and it worked well. Been playing for 40 years so not inexperienced, although a bit rusty as I haven't played much in the last year or two. Been there and done that in terms of bands, live playing and concerts, and recording. Have written quite a few originals over the years, even did a TV series soundtrack once. I play mainly 5 string, but also have an upright bass, an Ashbory and a few six string guitars.

Own gear and transport.

Most comfortable around blues/rock/pop, 70s to 90s. Not that interested in screamo, electronica or bad metal. Otherwise, everything from Led Zeppelin to Linkin Park, via some of the better Britpop bands. Most importantly, just want to have some fun, enjoy playing and maybe do some gigs.

Get in touch if keen ;) 021 330 247

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