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18 Apr 2018 / 505 views / 0 watchers HITF_Productions - Wellington Musician

Hi everyone,

Want to get your music finished, out there and don't want to pay thousands?

I have a simple set up at home and I am offering a service including the following:

Recording/Tracking: Guitars/Bass/Key-station/Vocals
Mixing/structure assistance.
Design work for websites, logos and/or album art.

There are other services I can offer including song structure assistance, help with writing etc..

I cannot record real drums at this stage but do have access to good software which will help structure your drum tracks. Can also be used to final product if wanted.

If you have pre-recorded drum tracks from another place, by all means bring them along and we can sort them out together.

I have a vocal booth in my garage which can be used to record live acoustic guitars or vocals.

I used a Line 6 HD500x for guitar tracking/recording, you can customize your sound!

As this is a new service so the rates are extremely reasonable.

Contact me on 022 623 8750

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