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16 Apr 2018 / 91 views / 0 watchers albifreak - North Shore Musician

We need a reliable drummer for our metal band Grym Rhymney. We're situated in Auckland trying to get out there and start gigging asap but been fucked around by useless cants not turning up to practice and not learning their parts for years. Enthusiasm is much more important than skill/gear (although you do need to own a drum kit and be able to play). Don't need to be able to play terribly fast but you need to be comfortable with memorizing song structures and where to change. We also write a lot of stuff in 7/4 so you need to be able to deal with that (we are happy to re-write parts to suit your skill level). With all that said we are willing to put up with someone being a bit shit for a while as long as they're willing to put in the effort to get better. We currently have an e.p and a full album written. Here are some some links to have a listen:

https://soundcloud.com/user-120600604/sets/a-few-songs-off-the-new-album (haven't completely finished recording new album demos)


Hit me (Albi) up on 0212930893 or Jamie on 0211344719 if you would be keen for a jam some time.

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