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Auckland bassist looking for new things

15 Mar 2018 / 183 views / 2 watchers westiebassman - Auckland Musician

I've been playing bass for the past 13 years. I've mainly played rock, heavy rock and heavy metal. I'm looking to get away from those genres to expand my musical knowledge and my prowess as a muso. I used to play clarinet and sax in a number of theatre shows at the Glen Eden Playhouse Theatre among others.
I'm open minded to allow others thoughts and musical vision to come across. especially if I'm playing a genre I'm not used to, I want to make whatever band situation work. I check the little ego I have at the door and get to work.

I have my own gear (Yorkville Bassmaster 800w head and 8x8 Traynor cabinet) and transport as well as a few 5 and 6 string basses to play with.

if you wanna gauge any interest from me just flick me an email or a text and I'll get back to you.

021 072 3810

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