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Drummer of any experience level wanted for Hard Rock Heavy Metal band

10 Mar 2018 / 120 views / 0 watchers Dark Ichor - Wellington Band

Hello there,

We’re looking for a drummer to further complete our line-up for a future band.

Our style is predominantly heavy metal, though at times it can change to sounding more hard rock like. Our instruments are in C standard tuning.

What we want:
A drummer. (You! Seems simple enough.)
Said drummer does not need to be great, or good, in fact a mediocre drummer who is just full of enthusiasm and wants to take this seriously is better than a fantastic one with no adventure.
We need a drummer who can experiment and help to write drum.. (Beats? Riffs? Lines?) to complete songs that are almost finished. As afore said, this drummer does not need to be able to do amazing stuff.
It would suit us if this drummer was around 18 to 24 years old to avoid any awkward age differences.

Final points:
This drummer can be male or female or indeed other. We are not focused on just having another male.
We are based in the Eastern Suburbs, around Miramar and Seatoun.
We will also be looking for a vocalist later, if you have friend do feel free to bring them along as well.

If you feel this is you, please send an email to cjgosling7@gmail.com

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