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Multi instrumentalist singer wanted to join Duo

10 Mar 2018 / 115 views / 0 watchers Yamahalover - Auckland Musician

We are a couple of musicians who play multiple instruments.
What we envisage is a trio where we switch instruments for different sets, soundscapes, settings as the song or mood dictates.

However, the two of us currently are only backing vocalists, so maybe we need a singer?
Maybe we don't?
Open to all ideas but would like to explore not getting stuck behind an instrument if possible.

Keen to hear what is out there.

We are in other bands, so this is a side line project, but we are professional in our approach and expect to get work once we have found the right person or people, if that means three becomes four, so be it.

Our preferred genre are jazz, blues, soul and maybe some funk.
We have a guy that plays Drums and Guitar, and a girl that plays Keys, Guitar, Bass and Clarinet.

Part of the reason we would prefer to keep it small is that smaller groups are easier to manage and more flexible with finding work.

We have rehearsal space covered, are in our middle years but are not ageist, so don't expect our band mate to be.

Text Ruthie (aka Deb) on 021 673600 or e-mail deborah@rtdesign.co.nz

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