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Rehearsal Room Available West Auckland

08 Mar 2018 / 187 views / 0 watchers MCA MoreCoreAudio - Auckland Service

Newly available band rehearsal slots at MCA - More Core Audio.
Monday & Tuesday nights 8pm-11pm.
$60 for the 3 hour session, one off rehearsal or permanent weekly slot.

Professional acoustically treated space, full range PA system, 18 subs etc, loads of free parking right on the doorstep.
Rehearse in 100% privacy without the band next door coming through the bloody wall. One of the best sounding rehearsal rooms in Auckland.

Website: http://www.morecoreaudio.co.nz/rehearsal.shtml

Tama Rockstar DX drum kit hire (not pictured kit) additional $10/session, bring your own cymbals.

Other times also free, check out availability online: http://www.morecoreaudio.co.nz/booking/

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