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Drummer and Bassist looking for band

27 Feb 2018 / 169 views / 1 watchers Reubenbm - Wellington Musician

Hey, we're two musicians (Drummer and Bassist) looking to start/join a band. We've both been playing for about 10 years and attend Massey in Wellington for music. As far as genres go we're pretty broad with what we play, but we're mostly into a soul, funk, roots vibe.

We're mostly looking for a guitar and vocals, but we're down for keys in the mix too.

We're looking to work up to gigging but for the time being we're just happy to get together and jam/ knock out some tunes. We also have a space to jam (although the acoustics aren't the best), as well as the potential to record later down the line.

Let us know if you're keen to meet up and jam then we can take it from there :) Facebook link is in bio as well as cell number


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