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Drummer Needed For Palmerston North Band

25 Feb 2018 / 81 views / 1 watchers Caleb Williams - Palmerston North Service

Hi there,

Our drummer has, unfortunately, had to part ways with us due to work commitments so we are looking for a full-time replacement.

We write all our own music, and after we find a drummer and they are bought up to speed, we will be looking at booking/applying for shows in the new year. We play Alternative Rock for the most part but we are looking at expanding our sound in the next few months.

This is not a pub/cover band, 90% of the shows we will be looking at playing/applying for will not have any takeaway $$/profit involved.

You must be open to playing with a click track, as we use samples in some songs that require accurate timing from the band.

We want to use this band as a vehicle to inspire and influence teenagers who are just starting out in the industry. We will do this by way of, of hosting local shows with performance opportunities and bringing teenagers with us to shows in different cities to hang out with the band and learn first hand how a show works, how to network, what gear is involved etc

We have strong ties to a record label in Wellington, who will give us distribution to Spotify and iTunes, and we have recently contacted a producer in LA who is going to direct us musically and hopefully connect us to some people who can help get us there as a band.

If you follow the link it will take you to some instrumentals of our tracks that we have been recording.

Current commitment is Tuesday nights from 5 - 8.30 and the occasional coffee hangout. We enjoy spending time together as a band and strong relationship is important to us, which is why every 4th week we will have a night off from rehearsals, to have BBQ, go bowling or do something to just kick back and cut loose.

If you are in Wellington and would like to join, our guitarist drives up to Palmerston North on a Tuesday afternoon and back again on a Wednesday afternoon, if this would work for you feel free to apply.

If this sounds like you please contact Caleb on 0226908397


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