Songwriting Arranging Recording and Producing available

25 Feb 2018 / 253 views / 0 watchers Caleb Williams - Palmerston North Service

Hi there, musicians, bands, and even theatre productions.

My name is Caleb Williams, and I am looking to enlarge my client list and take on some new professional projects this year.

For the last 3 years I have worked professionally as a full time media creator for a local church. But I am looking for more work in the music industry as a producer.

I have experiance in/have worked on successful projects including (but not limited to)....
Studio Engineering
Song Writing + Arranging
Backing Tracks
Soundtracks for promotional material
LIVE Sound Engineering
Stage Design
Videography (Filming + Editing)
Motion Graphics

I have already worked on a number of external projects. For example: I have recorded and produced two records, and worked with many solo artists with their song arrangements, lyrics and redifining their sound as an artist.

I offer very competitive pricing for my work, as I understand that music and money do not often go hand in hand. I offer payment plans and a half/half deal (half before the project, half when it is completed)

I have my own studio, which is situated in a cute little loft in the centre of Palmerston North, which I have designed to be portable if need be - so I am open to travelling for work if need be.

If you would like to have a chat about your project or have a rummage around my portfolio please feel free to flick me through an email and I will get back to you switly.


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