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Spin airy citadels out of your innards like Keats

23 Feb 2018 / 120 views / 0 watchers christboy - Wellington Musician

Established songwriter/performer/recording artist seeks musicians, producers or sound artists to collaborate with.
Would best suit people who have leanings toward the experimental and avant-garde but who can also play 'straight' when needed.
Coming from a Gothic folk background, the artist has begun incorporating atmospherics, avant-electronica and ambient sound, into his compositions. He often uses sampling and drum machines when recording and is open to any approach or sound.
The songs themselves are still 'written' but the recording and performing process allows for a lot of improvisation and experimentation.
The artist is open to interested parties of any type, providing they're in Wellington, though is particularly interested in finding multi-instrumentalists, piano/synth, sax/trumpet, live electronics, guitar and bass.
The sound: imagine if Captain Beefheart's 'Trout Mask Replica' had been recorded in only minor keys, and the backing band was a mixture of doom metal, Japanese noise, avant-garde classical, industrial and doom-folk musicians.

Relevant influences include: John Cage, Idaho, Nick Cave, Gastr Del Sol, TFUL282, Joy Division, Brainbombs, Brice Glace (Jim O'Rourke), P J Harvey, Aldous Harding, Shadow Ring, Can, Sonic Youth, Darkthrone, Labradford, Stars of the Lid, Incredible String Band, Van Morrison's 'Astral Weeks', Mekons, Royal Trux etc etc....