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Spank Need a Guitarist

20 Feb 2018 / 125 views / 0 watchers Spank - Masterton Band

There must be a guitarist out there looking for a band. We're pretty original, love recording, writing and performing, we work hard to get gigs. What's not to love. We are after a strong rhythm guitarist who can play lead, perhaps you play guitar and keyboards, we're open to someone who wants to move around. Our performances are high energy, we work hard but we are lots of fun. Check us out on our website https://spank.net.nz you can read about us, check out how many shows we have done, listen to our recordings and watch our videos, we have gigs lined up and have a great reputation around the area and are part of some pretty exciting initiatives. We don't want a carbon copy of Sheldon, much as he was pretty awesome, we want a creative, original person who fits in with us.