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Looking for People to Jam With

11 Feb 2018 / 158 views / 1 watchers DayMonet - Wellington Musician

Heya - I just moved to Wellington from Cape Town & am keen to find some people to jam with. Intention is to start a band here, covers or originals or both, but just jamming would be great all-the-same.

Main instrument is a hang drum, but I don’t travel with it, so I can just offer up my acoustic guitar skills (somewhere above decent level?) - I can also rap and am eventually looking to mix rap with a non-traditional music style (maybe funk, otherwise alternative/rock would be alright - I can cover Eminem and Linkin Park quite well, with pretty much any underlying beat)

Sample: https://youtu.be/qxE5wfb1W6g

Here’s also a clip from a guy in CT I jammed with that I take some inspiration from on the rap side of things: https://youtu.be/FatkqEExGLM

Still in the realm of traditional rap, but perhaps that sort of thing with a different underlying beat (funk, etc)

Anyways, just trying to sit down and get some new sounds out there with some people who haven’t fully gotten their feet wet yet in performance.

Have played in plenty of jams, and gigged as a solo percussionist (hang drum), but haven’t gigged as a solo or band-mate guitarist or rapper.

WhatsApp: +1(336)257-9655

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