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Guitarist and or Bass required for light hearted jazz blues Americana

11 Feb 2018 / 123 views / 2 watchers StevenV - Auckland Musician


We are newly forming guitarist (33) and singer (33) looking to start a light hearted folly jazzy blues Americana project. Will be mainly covers.

We have a. Drummer on board looking to play, we could do with 1 or 2 other musicians, I’m more than happy to switch to bass so reasonably flexible.

We are all people with jobs and lives, we are not looking at being 100% committed, making it this time or touring Europe. We are looking at having a fun hobby with nice people.

So if you can play, are without ambition and not an ego maniac looking for a platform to launch your career, please let us know. We are looking at a get together 4th March at the moment.

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