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Singer songwriter

09 Feb 2018 / 221 views / 1 watchers WestieSongbird - Auckland Musician

Greetings music-makers!
My name is Susie Nicola Peace, Im a fun-loving, outgoing, 32yearold kiwi chick and I love to perform/sing/jam/& make music. I would desperately like to get back into a group I can perform, make, & jam with!
I'm looking to join a band again as the last band I belonged to was over 10 years ago (!)and I really miss music-making, singing, & performing, being apart of my life! My main instrument is my voice but I can also read and write basic music and play basic keyboard/ piano. I have also always enjoyed performing.

I will need some practice, but I do have experience (from 10-15 years ago though!) in performing to large crowds with my largest crowd ever (so far!)being for a solo performance to a full crowd at the auckland town hall; which I went through a number of gruelling auditions to obtain.

Recently, I heard a longtime friend humming a familiar song that I couldn't quite put my finger on, ... then shocked , I realised - Hey is that one of my songs I wrote about 15 years ago!? -Sure was.(!)
I had actually forgotten the song myself and might not have ever remembered it (as I nor wrote it down or recorded it at all) -but for me to be reminded ,of a song I couldn't myself even remember writing so many years ago , by a friend humming it, - just blew my mind! I couldn't believe one of my unfinished songs had been that memorable!
And so ,- this has awoken an inspiration from deep within and I am now ready for a full music resurrection baby!

So I've dug out my trusty ol' pal ,my organ , from storage and am so glad I have been playing on it again and writing songs again!

I'm not quite sure what genre my voice or song-writing would fall into though tbh!
I am able to sing in different styles depending on the tone/style of an individual song, or I can sing the same song in a few different styles and therefore make the same song sound completely different. I am pretty much open to every genre ( except maybe metal that requires only screaming/yelling with no actual singing).

Please do contact me If you would like to hear me sing something for ya( so you can hear that I can actually sing! Lol) ,
or if you are interested in developing my originals.

All advice and suggestions are very welcome!
P.s. I also have space in my large garage that we can use for band practice if required.

Looking forward to hopefully making some notes rise from paper to be transformed into music together!

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