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Older guys but beginner level seek others to form band

03 Feb 2018 / 141 views / 0 watchers RetroGuy - Christchurch Musician

We are a guitarist and a bass player in Christchurch who seek a drummer, keyboardist, or vocalist to form a band.

BUT HERE IS THE CATCH: Despite our advanced ages (I’m 45 and he’s 63) we are at BEGINNER LEVEL! He has just started learning the bass, and while I have played guitar off and on for 25 years, I’ve never got good and have never played in a band! So we are utterly hopeless! And we seek other people who are at our level! We don’t care whether you are younger or older, as long as you are cool with a couple of old geezers who really suck at playing!

Genre-wise, we are flexible, but we are NOT into heavy metal, jazz, or blues. But we're cool with whatever else!

Send us a message if interested!

Ant & Pete

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