PA systems for short or long term hire

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We have several high quality 1000 watt Yamaha powered mixers and speaker
systems for hire with or without fold-back speakers. 12 or 15 inch stand speakers
From $150+GST Smaller systems also available to suit a tight budget.
We also have legal radio head-mics or hand hand-held's at very competitive prices.
From $35+GST per day.

We can also provide a small to mid sized full mic-up concert rigs with a new
X32 40 x chan large format digital console, DBX speaker controller and multiple
fold-back sends with a second X32 if required for a full on stage monitor mix.
This system is large enough for most indoor venues or several thousand people in a park.
We can do both ground stacked or line array speaker systems to suit your requirements
with an operator, van or truck.
We did the sound for the Devenport Wine Food and Music Festival for 15 years
and never once had a complaint about FOH sound quality or stage management.
Our approach is flexible and professional and we will try to meet your budget.
If we don't think we can cope well, we won't take on the gig, but either way
you won't get stuffed around by incompetents who don't know the game or can't do fast
reliable band changes. We have had 40 years of doing hundreds of live events
and have never once had a catastrophe during that time including the doing the
sound and lighting for the Pacific Arts Festival in the Solomon Islands.
We can also provide back-line equipment, staging and a live recording service.

Please call Paul Johansen or Bob Campbell on Ph: 4448776. or 0274857691

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