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Looking for players for funk band

21 Jan 2018 / 200 views / 1 watchers Hayden - Auckland Musician

Hey guys !

I'm currently on the look out for a decent keys player and some horn players to play in a new project I am starting.

I already have an amazing bass player-and trust me its hard to find some one as good as him who can play bass. and a drummer which is me .

Not sure of a style to play yet, but will most likely be funk and hopefully some reggae/dub grooves! I really want to make some kick arse songs that are great for the summer vibes and people get right in to !

We really want this to be a collaborative project rather than being run by one person . (not keen on the politics from previous bands) its nice for everyone to have a voice creatively.

So if you can play horns,keys,guitar,percussion, even the triangle haha then get in touch ! It would be great to start something great and hopefully aim to play in festivals at some stage .

My number is 02102790988

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