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?Basement Music Tuition provides Guitar, Banjo, Bass and Ukulele lessons on the North Shore.

(30mins = $30)
(45mins = $40)
(60mins = $50)

Refer a friend and both you and your friend receive either $30, or a free 30minute lesson.

?Lessons are available to anybody over the age of seven

Weekdays: 3pm - 9pm
Weekends: 7am - 2pm

The content of the lessons are largely tailored to the individual depending on their age, interests and goals.
For young kids or beginners who are unsure about their motives for learning their instrument I like to introduce both music notation and tablature right from the get go.
I cover basic songs, techniques and various genres. Once they have learnt the fundamentals of their instrument and have had a taste of the different ways forward the student normally has a good idea of where they want to go next.
For people who just want to learn how to play their favourite songs and prefer a more casual approach then a typical lesson would involve looking at which songs they are interested in which are within their skill level then downloading the chords/tablature and sitting down and tackling the song together.
For more advanced players lessons may involve in-depth music theory, compositional techniques, improvisation and all the tech-nerd stuff that goes into recording your own music, such as mixing, mastering, microphones and various studio techniques.
(Audio portfolio’s are provided for any student or parent upon request).


Lessons take place in my home studio at a residential property.
Located in Hillcrest Auckland, in a convenient quiet neighborhood central to the North Shore with plenty of on-street parking available.


Ph: 021 0299 1638

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