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Guitarist wanted for melodic progressive rock band

24 Dec 2017 / 225 views / 1 watchers reubensus - Auckland Musician

Looking for a guitarist to replace our previous one who has gone on an indefinite OE. We are a West Auckland based, four piece who play a variety of progressive music, often with spiritual themes. We have been together approx 6 months.

We have four songs complete and the remainder of an album loosely under construction. Our music encompasses many styles such as: progressive metal (opeth, tool), rock (pink floyd, alice in chains, stone sour, foo fighters) industrial electronic (NIN, lunatic soul, shapeshifter) symphonic (hanz zimmer, steven wilson, james horner) and pop (maroon 5, oasis) - to name a few.

As a guitarist we need someone who can play rhythm and lead electric guitar and also acoustic and have some finger-picking ability. You will need to have gear and knowledge of effects units/amps etc.

The songs are primarily written by the vocalist and drummer, we'd be looking ideally for someone who can have some creative lead guitar input into the songs, but obviously we'd welcome other creative input that works within our style.

We will ideally be jamming once a week in the Zeal Henderson practice rooms, so some level of commitment is required. All current members are 30+ years of age.

We have some rough live demos of a few songs you can check out here: https://atem1.bandcamp.com/releases

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