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Let s set up a cheap ramshackle house and put in our 10 000 hours

02 Dec 2017 / 107 views / 0 watchers adamjamesring - Wellington Musician

Like they used to do it, back in the day (Stones, The Band, Springsteen, Can to name a few), I'm looking for some other muso's, who aren't satisfied to relegate their practice and experimentation to one night a week after work when the missus is out, to join forces and rent a big, cheap house somewhere in NZ and get to it.

Ask 100 people working full time in an office what they'd do if money wasn't an issue and at least 60 of them will say 'Write a book - you wouldn't BELIEVE some of the things that have happened to me... one day I'm going to get it all down. People will be blown away.'
Of course, almost all of them have never tried to write anything before so if they did 'get round to writing my novel' it would be a piece of shit, but for the couple who actually write in their spare time and labour at their craft, this is a creative tragedy!

Join me as I say NO to allowing middle class fears of job insecurity or decreased social standing get in the way of applying myself to what really matters... It's time to get serious, and serious I shall get! With a few like-minded fellows (who aren't afraid of doing without some of the middle class luxuries), I hereby declare my intention to grab my music by the balls.

It's either this or I move to Cambodia or Portugal and not sure if my band wants to relocate without their children (selfish I know, but I couldn't say that to them as they get weird when I suggest their offspring don't matter).

Things we could do: set up a studio in the house, have house parties where our bands play, jam all the fricken time, take excellent house group photos, live in a state of perpetual musical inspiration, expand our musical horizons, cook some epic meals, sleep in a lot, play regular gigs, only work a bare minimum.

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