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Metallica Cover Band!? Teenage EMG and Legator Artist

30 Nov 2017 / 128 views / 0 watchers Xaliman - Central Hawke's Bay Musician

I'd love to start a good ol' Metallica cover band, for almost all their songs. I am 16 and live in Hastings, Central Hawkes Bay. I am currently already and endorsed guitar artist for EMG Pickups, Legator guitars and Ragh Guitars.

I've been listening and Jamming to Metallica since I was a young kid, getting a kick out of the sheer awesomeness that comes with them and i'm in love with all their music (Yes even St. Anger isn't in my bad books). I have performed many times to various crowds all over the place with my father and would love to do it more often with some of you fine folk! Most likely we will be looking at some of their old, gold stuff like ...And Justice For All, Master Of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, but I adore every single one of their albums and i'm keen to play any song! I am hoping to be the Lead guitarist in the band, as I have learned many of Kirk's amazing solo's and love to play them to anyone that will listen.

I even currently own my own Metallica Fan Page on Instagram, Amassing a nice little total of 24,000 followers. which has been recognized by Kirk Hammett himself and also other fine folks including Corey Taylor, Ray Luzier, James Maynard Keenan. Slash etc. This will be a great way of advertising our band and tour! Especially as I am currently reaching over 100,000 views a week!

Whatever Instrument you know, I'd been keen to hear from you. Hopefully we can cover some of the many years of Metallica and take that on tour around New Zealand!..
If your interested email me on: xaliman7402@outlook.com and lets work something out!

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