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Looking for fans of classic prog for jam sessions

07 Nov 2017 / 117 views / 0 watchers Donald_Mac - Wellington Musician

I have been learning drums for a couple of years, and can play along with most songs these days. Playing by myself to CDs has lost it's lustre and I need some real people to play with. Ultimately, it would be great to be playing live gigs, even if it's only at the local pub, or be part of a tribute band. I am particularly into classic rock, for example Springsteen, Jethro Tull, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Meatloaf, Rush, The Who, Stones, Genesis, Doors, Steve Miller, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Queen, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Steely Dan, CCR, Roxy Music, Supertramp, Elvis Costello, Kansas.

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