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Drummer Available in Auckland

28 Oct 2017 / 158 views / 0 watchers Nick.A - Auckland Musician

31YO Drummer with 12+ years experience in Auckland looking for a new project.

Preferably would like to join an existing band but am open to options. Have listed a few ads this year but wasn’t too serious about finding something, but am 12 months out from my last band and I’m keen to get back into playing (no doubt I’ll be a little rusty...).

Influences nowadays are across a range of genres from rock/metal to indie, electronica, hip hop and everything in between, but I grew up playing things like the Mars Volta, Tool etc... so def looking for a creative outlet.

Link below to some (very) rough single take live recordings from my previous band.


Get in touch on nick.c.annear@gmail.com if this sounds like you!

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