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NEED A Keyboard OR Sax Player ALSO

06 Oct 2017 / 132 views / 1 watchers bliige - Auckland Musician

Hi Looking for a lead Guitarist first and foremost who can sing also my dad was a saxophone player so be nice to have one in the band if not then a keyboard player be the next best thing preferably one who can sing.We are looking to gig for Weddings, Birthdays, Church Dances, Family Functions,concerts and anything else that may come our way, I'm also into composing songs so that will hopefully be something to consider doing in the near future at the moment we are looking to do covers not just one genre {Style of music} but all styles so we can cater for all rather than limit ourselves to one group of people.We are experienced and come from a musical lineage we been in the music business before with other bands We are a new group with upcoming new adventures 3 of us live in South Auckland and looking for COMMITTMENT first and foremost and new ideas to our lineup any sex or age, we also have moral values for example lyrics to songs must be clean and uplifting must have own gear and mics if you sing as well there will be no drinking alcohol during practices and performances nor cannabis don't mind if you smoke cigarettes just as long as it does't interfere with practicing and performing no fowl language either we are very serious and expect the same from you. 02041156977 Lizzy

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