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Wanting to start emo project

28 Sep 2017 / 145 views / 0 watchers futurebandit - Auckland Musician


I'm a 23 year old male based in St. Lukes, Auckland.

I currently run a label on bandcamp for electronic music which I contribute too as well. I also compose music for indie games, short films and YouTube channels. I've experimented with making a lot of music in the past including death metal, black metal, emo, screamo, classical music, vaporwave, trap, hip-hop, trance, etc, etc, so I've had lots of experience writing music!

I've been playing drums for about 8 years, guitar for 6 and bass for 4. I can sing if we're going for the more aggressive stuff.
I know that emo can mean a few things so I'll quickly summarize what I'm looking for.

I'd be keen on any of the following;

1. A band focused on playing music like Rites of Spring ,The Hated, Gray Matter, Moss Icon.

2. A band focused on playing music like Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sunday's Best, Texas is the Reason.

3. A band focused on playing music like early My Chemical Romance, Early Taking Back Sunday.

4. A band focused on playing music like Envy, Saetia, Hiretsuken, Toru Okada, The Saddest Landscape.

5. A band focused on playing music like Midwest Pen Pals, Old Gray, Merchant Ships, Snowing, William Bonney.

Or we could just play a mix of all the stuff above, I'm not too fussed, as long as it goes hard :)

I know this post looks super formal but I'm not that way at all, I just don't know how else to format this shit.

If you're keen, please let me know. There's practice place just down the road from me that's pretty cheap if we split a few ways.


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