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Guitarist looking for a band

07 Sep 2017 / 106 views / 0 watchers Isaac - Hamilton Musician

Hey :D

I'm Isaac, 19 and a guitarist with a few years expereince in a family band (mostly church gigs). Looking to branch out into rock/punk/metal/pop/alternative (pretty much anything!) so I'd love to join a band and have a jam every now and then. Doing some covers or gigs could also be cool.
I don't mind doing backing vocals, but I haven't got much experience singing at the moment. I also play bass and ukulele, and I'm based in Hamilton - I don't particularly want to travel too far for economy's sake. Some artists I like include All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, The Cab, Relient K, MCR, Muse, and many more.

You can contact me at isaac.poole.nz@gmail.com or flick me a pm :)

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