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Seeking an indie band collective or project

28 Aug 2017 / 103 views / 0 watchers JFalls - Auckland Musician

Whether you're looking for the Johnny Marr to your Morissey or the Johnny Greenwood to your Thom Yorke, every great artist needs an equally great songwriting partner, guitarist and creative foil.

My name's not Johnny but I could be that guy...

Young 20s, good gear, 10/10 committed, knows how to home record, been playing in bands since I was 15 and looking for the next big project to pour my heart and soul into. If you're equally serious, similarly-aged and influenced and love making music that moves people, we need to jam.

I listen and love everything from Northlane to Bruno Mars so my music taste + songwriting is pretty diverse, but some big influences would be Ben Howard, Bon Iver, The National, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, The 1975, Switchfoot and general UK rock (Artic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Foals, etc).

Some of my demos can be heard at my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jaguarfalls - though these are more an indication of some of the past stuff I've done than what I'd be looking at with this project.

Email jordangowan31@gmail.com, send demos through to my Soundcloud or message below. Let's play.

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