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Acoustic duo wanting 2nd guitarist

28 Aug 2017 / 120 views / 0 watchers SamR92 - Auckland Musician

Hey all,
So through this about 18 months ago I got into playing in an acoustic trio, female vocals with the other guy doing guitar & backup vocals & me doing lead stuff.
Life and other commitments turned us into a duo, female vocals & myself on guitar.
Due to work commitments can only practice every 2nd weekend.... sometimes commitments between the two of us mean we go 5-6 weeks without getting a jam in..... both have full time careers so we just practice acoustic covers for fun, get out to the odd open mic night.
Would be great to find a 2nd guitarist to work on stuff with, even with some male or female backup ability as well (god knows I can't sing!!); either to play some tunes on the side or incorporate back into a trio like we had a while ago etc.
Fairly wide range of stuff we've done acoustic versions of so far.... RHCP, Metallica, Sublime, Bryan Adams, David Guetta, Chris Isaac, Eddie Vedder..... all sorts really..... our current age both in mid 20s & 30s respectively, both in Auckland.

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