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Bass Player Wanted

26 Aug 2017 / 178 views / 2 watchers Annee 2CU - Auckland Band

Annee 2CU is an international recording Blues and Blues-Rock band (based in Auckland) having 3 successful albums with international airplay as well as having charted with two albums on the official USA Roots Music Report Top Albums for the year 2016. Currently, our latest album (released 2017) has made it onto many USA and UK stations Top 40 albums (on one station it is at Number 4).
We are looking for a committed top-end performing blues bass player. Our previous bass player was with us for over 6 years but unfortunately has sustained an injury which is going to take a lengthy period to mend.
We are hoping to record in November/December of this year.
If you are wanting to be involved, first please look at our website www.annee2cubluesband.com
There is information and sound bites on Welcome page.

Contact: Annee 027 209 7936

Regards and thanks for looking

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