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Stircrazy Waikato Guitarist Looking For Hook Ups

15 Aug 2017 / 198 views / 0 watchers RUDENBARK - Hamilton Musician

Guitarist slowly going mental from a lack of suitable noise!
Suffering withdrawals from not hearing *Turn that bloody thing down!* in far, far too long!
Desperate to get back into some band work before mind is completely gone!

Beggars can't be choosers, so I'm pretty open to whatever I can get at this point. But check my profile for brief details on what I'd ideally like to get into.

All good with covers or originals, or both.
All good with hooking up with an existing band or starting a new one from scratch.
Always keen for a jam, so if you just want to catch up for a session, all good with that too.

Private Message on here would be the best way to get in touch.

View Profile Send Email 021 262 4810 (txt only)