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Looking for a Drummer

09 Aug 2017 / 156 views / 0 watchers TomK0 - Christchurch Musician

Hi there, looking for a competent drummer around 15-17. Me and my mate are still in high school (Both 16) and looking for a decent drummer who would love to jam with us. I play Guitar (Can do lead or rhythm) and sing, and my mate plays Bass. We want to cover songs but also keen to make new music. We play pretty much anything, I like all kinds of my music from Royal Blood (My current fav) to Elton John or Imagine Dragons, and my mate loves basically anything too. If interested, please flick me a message on my phone (0273018898) (also please note if using apple don't use Imessage) or email me at tomkepple@gmail.com.

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