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Are you a experienced musician looking to make serious money

26 Jul 2017 / 201 views / 0 watchers rmmusic - Christchurch Musician

Hi guys!

I am on the verge of starting up my life long dream!

I am a percussionist based in Auckland and play kit, tabla, bongos, congas and SPD30 professionally.

Till today I believe in being a freelance artist which basically means I like to play with different musicians for different events and gigs.

Why you ask? as a musician this allows you to work with multiple musicians without being tied in or committed to a specific group or organisation which allows you to work with more people hence you have the ability to pocket more coin.

What I am looking to do? I am wanting to meet new creative musicians in the Auckland region who play either - Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Synth, or possibly other drummers (if they are at a level above me. yes, I rate myself)

Whats in it for you:

-Free demo recording of you and your instrument that I use as samples when negotiating gigs.
-Decent money for a nights worth of gigging/performing
-The ability to perform at exciting and diverse venues.

What you need to bring:

-Commitment (if you commit you commit.) - Musicians are a different bunch and I have worked with many. The biggest thing that will determine growth in the music industry is commitment and consistency.
-Passion, Fire, creativity, individuality, that spark!!, confidence.
-positive vibes

If the above sounds like something you would like to know more about please send me a message I would love to meet you and have a jam!

Instagram - ravi_maisuria_