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Mac Bay Studios Dunedin

21 Jul 2017 / 216 views / 0 watchers Dan86 - Dunedin Musician

Hi everyone, Welcome To Mac Bay Studios!
I am offering a high quality, low cost and flexible recording studio for local artists, musicians and bands. I also offer mixing and mastering services as a one stop shop to get your record out there pronto.
My modus operandi is to keep things real and simple so that you the artist / band have straight forward achievable goals and results, without having the burden of blowing out costs and time.
I do not charge by the hour, so no matter how long it takes to complete a song or project, the costs are unchanged based on the original agreement (first song free with 2 or more booked!).
If you are looking to do a demo cd, record a live rehearsal or do an entire album I can help you achieve your artistic expression. Please get in contact if you have any questions.
Basic details for the studio are:
- Record up to 24 tracks live at a time
- Rerecord / overdub / add unlimited tracks
- Full editing capabilities
- iMac processing power
- High quality outboard vocal processors (Neve Shelford Channel, UA 6176, SPL Frontliner)
- Tube and / or solid state preamps for ALL drum mics
- Choice of 9 popular vocal mics (including tube mics + one military spec vintage filtered mic for effects)
- Acoustically treated rooms to eliminate nasty reflections from vocals + live instruments
- 3 seperate and treated live rooms to isolate bleed from loud drums, bass and guitar
- Up to 9 headphones all able to be tailored for individual mixes
- Session musician (myself) available on bass, drums and guitar
- Yamaha upright piano
- Native Instruments keyboard + pad database
- Mesa/Boogie Lonestar Special head, 4x10 cab and 1x 12 cab for electric guitar
- Mesa/Boogie Bass 400+ head and 8x10 cab for electric bass
- David Eden WT800 head and 4x10 cab for electric bass
- Ludwig Breakbeats drum kit (for jazz or acoustic requirements)
- Gretch Catalina club drum kit (for rock and louder requirements)
- Up to 9 mics for drum kit spot micing and room mics
- Versatile selection of effects pedals (including some very cool vintage style fuzz and Leslie's)
- Sweet verandah with view of the whole harbour to chillout to between sessions
- I will be adding more as I go haha. Studios are never complete . . .

Email - dan.harris86 or checkout facebook.com/MacBayStudios

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