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Seeking a Film maker videographer musician collaborator

17 Jul 2017 / 122 views / 0 watchers LADYSTAR - Christchurch Musician

Hi there, I am a professional Musician, writer and artist. I am seeking to collaborate with a film-maker/ videographer/ producer, who would be interested in launching a new You tube channel with me, hopefully leading to commercial success.

This job would be initially UNPAID work, and may suit someone with the basic gear (HD quality camera, computer, editing software and plenty of free time) who may just be starting out, and wishes to work in a team, sharing ideas and resources, with the idea that eventually we will pick up sponsors for the channel.

I can offer a large catalogue of original studio recorded songs to make videos with, and I am currently in the studio working on a full album that I would like to make videos for also.

Although the original focus would be on music videos, eventually I would like to extend this into other creative arenas, in particular I am interested in making videos of me reading books, that would be designed for people to watch that have learning difficulties/ blindness or are bedridden, and do not have someone to read to them in person. This would be formatted into a BLOG type video format.

Another concept is that I would like to set up interviews with other musicians, and also launch this as a video Blog format.

All of this would feature on the one You tube channel we would establish together.

I am well connected in the NZ Music industry, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, Theatre Studies and English, and also a Diploma in the Performing Arts. I have been in bands for 20 years I have an astute business mind, and I achieve my goals. No time wasters need apply.

I would prefer someone who has some years of experience behind them, as I am in my late 30s.
If this sounds like you, please send me a line. I am happy to answer any questions.
text: Music Video Ad 022093 2757
Or send me a message via this NZ Bands site.

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