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Guitarist Vocalist keen for covers or originals

02 Jul 2017 / 241 views / 0 watchers holdfasthope - Christchurch Musician

30ish yo guitarist/vocalist looking for some new tunes! I'm keen to play anything as long as it's fun - I've had my share of covers bands that make the music become a chore, which is not what I'm after. I'm not a super technical or skilled guitarist, but I'm passionate as hell!

I listen to all kinds of music, but looking to play stuff in the Pop Punk/Punk/Rock/Hardcore genres because I can put more energy into stuff like that. Would prefer to be in a band where I'm not the only vocalist because I like my 'jump around like an idiot while playing guitar' time. Good with harmonies too!

I have some videos of acoustic covers up on youtube etc, get in touch with me if you're after a link.

send me a line on here or at 0224114217 if you're interested!

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