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songwriter singer Lead vocalist needed for limelight

01 Jul 2017 / 226 views / 2 watchers Rollingstone232 - Auckland Musician


I am looking for a lead vocalist/songwriter to help finish of some songs, perform them at open mics, and then move on to forge a band to dream big and get big. Preferred male vocalist between ages of 20-30 and can sing up to an E5 comfortably.

I've been playing guitar for a few years, with no real musical theory behind me but definitely an ear for it.

My soundcloud will only reflect old acoustic versions of a handful of my softer pop-rock songs. I have rockier (is that a word?) songs and some pretty cool catchy riffs that are just waiting for a real limelight warrior to come along and own with their wicked voice and showmanship.

I have a small recording setup (condenser mic, ableton lite, bass, electric, acoustic) to have fun with and come up with concepts and demos.

I'm entrepreneurial and ready to commit to this band. We WILL get radio time. We WILL get signed (when needed for bigger distribution), We WILL tour the great states and we WILL make fucking wicked music to be remembered and felt by many.