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Hamilton Metal Vocalist Available

27 Jun 2017 / 147 views / 0 watchers ultrarandom - Hamilton Musician

I am a 23 year old metal vocalist from Hamilton looking to join or form a new band.
The style I would quite like to make is Deathcore but keen on anything really within the realm of metalcore, slam, death metal or black metal as well.
If someone already had a complete band but was looking for something more I would be interested also in doing a dual vocalist style similar to that of Angelmaker as well.

For a recent video demonstrating some of what I can do here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkodV5qlvqk

I have also got some live experience from being in a band when I was 17/18 and played a few shows then.
Not looking to make money, just been missing making music.

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