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Trace Elliot AH500 7 500w Bass head and speakers stack

$1,900.00 24 Jun 2017 / 122 views / 0 watchers ksrmcglade - Hamilton Musician

Trace Elliot's AH500-7 packs a huge punch of power and the controls to tame it.

The AH500-7 is a 500W bass head with a 7-band graphic EQ to fine tune your sound with ease. Highly efficient output stage uses MOSFET technology. Foot switchable features include Pre Shape; graphic EQ; compressor with self-adjusting, program-dependent attack/release times; and an output mute.

• 500W
• 7-band graphic EQ
• Footswitchable Pre Shape; graphic EQ; compresor with self-adjusting, program-dependent attack/release times; output mute
• Series effects loop
• Electronically balanced XLR DI output (selectable pre/post preamp)
• Highly efficient output stage using MOSFET technology

1 x 15’’ cabinet and 2 x 10’’ cabinets

Trace Elliot's 1518C bass cabinet has a specially voiced 15 Celestion speaker. Enhanced connectivity includes 2 Neutrik Speakon and 2 - 1/4 jacks. The cabinet has been tuned with an unobstructed slot to 40Hz to deliver superb low-frequency reproduction. Steel protective corners and shockmounted steel grille mean its construction is rock-solid. 300W handling.

Specially voiced 15 Celestion speaker
Cab tuned to 40Hz with unobstructed slot
2 Neutrik Speakon and 2 - 1/4 jacks
Steel protective corners
Shockmounted steel grille

Dimensions: 24 (W) x 20 (H) x 17 (D)
Weight: 46 lbs

Sorry haven’t got the specifications for the 12 x 10’’ cabinet but they are paired to run together.

Comes with footswitch, covers and I will also include 2 Celeron leads.

Telephone 027 2788058 if you wish to view or try it out


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