Rehearsal weekend venue in WGTN for long term use

18 Dec 2016 / 384 views / 0 watchers adamjamesring - Wellington Musician

Howdy fellow NZ Banders!,

I am a working musician from Wellington who has played in a bunch of different bands over the years, as well as been involved as an events manager at a couple of venues on and off. Some of us who are actively involved in the scene are starting to do some general research into setting up a new practice space/weekend venue, somewhere in the CBD (if possible, or otherwise in one of the surrounding suburbs).

The general idea is to run it as a collective, where some will take on certain jobs for awhile before passing them on and others will just do what they can, when they can. Some of you older peeps may remember things like this being done before... and some will probably also remember the amount of times these set-ups fail ;) (Feel free to message back any advice or observations regards this - the more we know going in the better!).

The obvious plan is for the weekday/night practices to pay most of the rent - though they will be set at cheaper rates than anywhere else in the city - and then the weekend gigs we put on would be free entry and BYO alcohol - these have to be held as provate parties, which means free entry, if BYO,is to work. This is in order to adhere to the current liquor laws in NZ, something which we fully intend to do, not just for everyone's safety but in order for the whole idea to work. Our thinkng is that many students, young people and others struggle to afford to drink at venues these days - something which most of the venues are aware of but can't do much about if they want to survive.

We would set the place up with a decent PA and provide a sound tech for each gig. We would also need to have one or two people working as security, just to make sure all goes smoothly. Promo, both online and print would, along with posters, get done also. We have within our midst a bunch of people with different skills who are willing to utilise them for free to get the place afloat.

It should be said at the outset that Eyegum kind of started like this to begin with, before they moved to San Fran, so we can't claim any originality. Though to be fair, this sort of thing has been happening for decades. Just talk to someone who was round during the American hardcore period of the early 80's and they'll tell you all about it...

The main motivation behind this is a desire among a lot of muso's in Welly to see some kind of scene get rekindled, started or just supported. With Bodega closing at the end of this month and all venue's finding it harder to make money from live gigs than they used to (they need high bar turnovers to survive), some of us feel we need to at least attempt to provide a space which could act as a gathering point, hang out and live venue for bands both young and old. If you suspend your doubts for a second, can you imagine how great it could be if it worked?

So then, after that excessively long sell, what we're hoping some of you kind folks will do is answer two questions, if you have time...

a) whether or not that is something you as a musician, DJ, or a lover of live music, would support and b) if any of you know of a building, house, shed, bunker, or bach in or around the CBD that could be suitable.

Thanks in advance for you taing the time to give your honest opinions and I promise that I'll read everyone and take all suggestions/advice/reality checks on board. Cheers!

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