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  • 339 Views NZBands NZBands - Mon 09 Jul 18

    Hi Guys, I took some time to review the website code today and have decided that its wanky and needs rebuilding.
    During this time I'd love to hear some suggestions, ideas, even things you think we don't really need that we have.


    To do this is going to take a massive amount of time off my real job. Please consider chucking a few dollars (or hundreds) to assist with the massive amount of coffee this is going to take. Any member who donates will be listed on the donations page and have all listing featured, as well as a sexy star on their profile page.


    Leave your suggestions below, something new? Get rid of something? Anything?

  • marius marius - Thu 19 Jul 18

    Hey bro, I'm a dev and would be happy to chuck some free time at it if you need help?

  • Garro Garro - Wed 12 Sep 18

    Its not wanky 1st up the profile thing is very limited, the avatar thing is very flawed I could upload a single one of my photos to make a profile

  • Garro Garro - Wed 12 Sep 18

    What you have going on here is an amazing tool to connect Nz muso's, from what I can see there is nothing like it and it will be awesome

  • NZBands NZBands - Fri 21 Sep 18

    Thanks - you seem to have got the avatar sorted out :)

  • BAG-One BAG-One - Fri 12 Oct 18

    Hey.... not sure where to post this but i got an email that i habe a message from a member but there's nothing info my messages. How can i find the member to contact them?


  • RulersOfTheWorld RulersOfTheWorld - Fri 19 Oct 18

    Added some money for coffee ;)
    BTY worked via PayPal, had no success using Credit Card directly, maybe just an issue at the moment.
    Keep up the great work!

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