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  • 1692 Views NZBands NZBands - Thu 21 Jul 16

    Do you think bars/clubs who do a 5+ bands a night gig, are putting on too many bands in one night for the bands to get a fair play?

  • Snaphead Snaphead - Tue 06 Jun 17

    No one really gets a chance to warm up when you have too many bands playing in one night...

  • Haymen Haymen - Sat 19 Aug 17

    5 is bullshit 2bands . maybe solo act and band.. all the bar is trying to do is keep costs down and we all need to hold tight and work towards having a collective agreement on cost so we get a decent return for our works 5 mean you will be playing for free basically

  • Scratch Scratch - Sat 04 Nov 17 ~ Edited Sat 04 Nov 17

    I understand the pubs have to make a return on their outlay, but bands should all band [no pun intended] together with a collective bargaining set up so that we can all get a fairly decent nights pay for our time.

    The trouble I see here is that the weekend warrior bands don't really depend on this work as their main income and therefore can afford to play for less as where full time pro. musicians are trying to keep the pricing at a reasonable level.

    We have this situation in the UK, but it's getting better.

  • BassPlayer BassPlayer - Fri 29 Dec 17 ~ Edited Fri 29 Dec 17

    Pubs don't exist to provide a venue for you to perform your music - they exist so that they make money for their owners by selling drinks.
    If they can sell more drinks by putting many bands on and expecting them to bring people in to buy drinks... happy days for them.

    I also don't buy the 'trouble is with the weekend warriors playing for less argument'.
    You could class the bands that I have played in as weekend warriors if you wish as for none of us was it our main source of income but we practiced as hard as we could and displayed a respectful attitude towards venue owners, managers and their punters at all times (much more so then some so called professionals at times), so we earnt pretty well.

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