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Topics / Gear Talk / 5 bands a night too many?

  • 885 Views NZBands NZBands - Thu 21 Jul 16

    Do you think bars/clubs who do a 5+ bands a night gig, are putting on too many bands in one night for the bands to get a fair play?

  • Simonbook Simonbook - Tue 06 Jun 17

    No one really gets a chance to warm up when you have too many bands playing in one night...

  • Haymen Haymen - Sat 19 Aug 17

    5 is bullshit 2bands . maybe solo act and band.. all the bar is trying to do is keep costs down and we all need to hold tight and work towards having a collective agreement on cost so we get a decent return for our works 5 mean you will be playing for free basically

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