Frequently Asked Stuff & Help

I didn't get the activation email.

Check your spam folder. If you used Hotmail, Yahoo or Xtra, there is a good chance it's been binned or deleted.

How do I post a listing?

- Register.
- Confirm your account from the email you will be sent.
- Login.
- Fill in your profile shit.
- Click your username on the top of the site and choose 'Create Listing' from the menu.

How do I list my band/act on the bands for hire page?

Register & Login, go to Edit Profile, choose member type 'band' then tick the 'gig ready' checkbox. Simple eh?

Why are there a limited number of location filters?

We only display the locations that are actually in use by live listings.

I can't find my location in account settings.

Get as close as you can, we can't list every suburb in New Zealand, choose a main centre.

My avatar won't upload

This image must be a JPEG or PNG

Something broke - I saw an error message.

If you saw it, then we would have seen it.

I am offended by something I read on this site.

Please click here.