About NZBands

Whats the point of NZBands?

New Zealand has a very active and ever expanding music community, a wealth of resources and is teaming with surrounding services, support and businesses. NZBands aims to bring all of these, and you together, making getting things done easier for us all. - That's what it says on the home page, however the premise breaks down to a simpler concept - making everything easier.


Unsatisfied with the only decent musicians notice board that was online (The Rockshop), NZBands was started out of a single selfish pursuit to find a band member that was needed. From there it gained so much interest that even after that member was found, it had to live on.

NZBands started in 2000 as a typical forum, it soon became apparent that forums either have too many extra features, and other features that were needed were simply to 'hack-ish' to impliment. Also forum software updates constantly so the updates would often ruin any custom work that was done, it was because of this that forum software was dumped and a custom website was built around 2002.